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Of Conformity at the end of this manual for applicable standards and. The Continuum™ series represents the next generation of electron energy loss spectroscopy ( EELS) and energy- filtered transmission electron microscopy ( EFTEM) systems from Gatan. 5933 Coronado Lane Pleasanton, CA 94588 TelFAXDecember 1998 Revision 1. 5933 Coronado Lane Pleasanton, CA 94588. Precision Ion Polishing System Owner’ s Manual and User’ s Guide Part Number: 691. Gatan Imaging Filter ( GIF) MSC and GIF TV- Rate Camera Integrated into the Gatan Imaging Filter are two CCD cameras: the GIF MSC and a TV- rate camera.

Preface About this Guide This UltraScan Reference Series User’ s Guide is written to provide a brief. Switch to the PC Controller window then go to Operation then select GIF. This unique combination delivers unprecedented results to enhance material research, failure analysis, low- dose and cryo- electron. Dimple Grinder, Model 656 User’ s Guide Gatan, Inc. Gatan LowDose, GIF, Hex- lok, Hexring, HotHinge, MSC, PECS, PIPS, Toggle Tilt, and Whisperlok are trademarks belonging to Gatan, Inc. CAUTION: Precautionary notes and advice to. 5933 Coronado Lane Pleasanton, CA 94588 Tel. Gatan LowDose, GIF, Hexlok, Hexring, HotHinge, MSC, PECS, PIPS, Toggle Tilt, and Whisperlok are trademarks belonging to Gatan, Inc. Gatan hereby expressly rejects any different or additional terms, preprinted or otherwise, contained or referenced in any purchase order or other documentation furnished by Buyer, whether before or after delivery of the products or services,. The GIF MSC is best used for viewing and recording High Resolution images.

By focusing on simplifying the operation of energy- loss systems without sacrificing any of the power or flexibility, the Continuum series enables new levels of productivity and data throughput. , provides free technical support via voice, Fax, and electronic mail. , further reserves the right to revise this manual and to make changes to its contents at any time, without obligation to notify any person or entity of such revisions or changes. Duo Mill, DuoPost, Gatan LowDose, GIF, Hexlok, Hexring, HotHinge, MSC, PECS, PIPS, Toggle Tilt, and Whisperlok are trademarks belonging to Gatan, Inc. Ii) The Gatan Instrumentation Bin ( GIB) and the Gatan FilterControl computer are correctly connected each other. The purpose of this manual is to remind you of the essential points covered in your training classes.

Precision Ion Polishing System User’ s Guide Gatan, Inc. HAADF STEM detector, Oxford EDS system and Gatan GIF system for atomic resolution Z- contrast imaging, sub- nanoscale resolution EDS and EELS point analysis, and automated line scans and maps; Gatan double- tilt heating stage ( up to 1100 degrees) Low- Z( Be) double - tilt holder for analytical x. UltraScan User’ s Guide Reference Series Gatan, Inc. TEM- GIF integration Electron optical coupling between TEM projection column and GIF Although the Gatan imaging filter ( GIF ) prism is primarily an energy dispersion element, it also acts as a lens that focuses each energy component of the beam ( e. , zero- loss) as.

Respect to the contents or use of this manual, and specifically disclaims any. Gatan gif manual. Gatan imaging filter ( GIF) Other systems have similar controls and considerations. 12 Auto Shutdown, Reset, and Manual Shutdown Procedures 3- 19 3. Bring the beam to the center. Before you begin an experiment, it is important to familiarize yourself with the various controls, parameters, and adjustments of the Gatan imaging filter ( GIF ) system. TERMS & CONDITIONS AND LIMITED WARRANTY. 13 Digital Process Timer. 5933 Coronado Lane Pleasanton, CA 94588 TelFAXMay. If the FilterControl software in the GIF ( Gatan Imaging Filter) system can not recognize the hardware, the following steps need to be verified in trouble shooting process: i) The Power Supply and Gatan Instrumentation Bin are turned on. The GIF Quantum® K2® system provides fundamental insights into both the compositional and chemical properties of materials by combining high- performance, post- column energy filter/ spectrometer with both counting and analog detection technologies. Change the magnification to around 30K and remove the sample from view.

Then click on GIF ( Gatan Image Filter) > ON. MANUAL Revision 2. Complete compatibility with GIF and ENFINA™ spectrometers.

To reach Gatan technical support, call or fax the facility nearest. MSC Family Software User’ s Guide Models 791, 792, 794, and GIF MSC Macintosh, Windows 95, Windows NT Gatan, Inc.

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